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The Power of DMs: Maximise your Instagram presence 📩

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Are you using your DMs to grow on Instagram?

Happy Monday!

It's hard to believe that we are into the second week of February already. I hope you are doing well and minding yourself during the current restrictions we are all facing here in Ireland and beyond.

Last week on my Instagram Stories, I mentioned that I was speaking at a webinar about 'How to grow your business using Instagram'. I always get so many messages asking what my top tips are for growing on Instagram. One of the topics in the webinar was 'The Power of DMs'. Are you maximising your DMs to grow your business on Instagram?

The average user sends 3 times more DMs than comments.

Here are my top tips for using your DMs to maximise your presence on Instagram and generate more leads and enquiries:


Reply to other users' Instagram Stories, even if it's just an emoji reaction. Aim to start building connections and friendly relationships in your DMs. Reply to Stories leaving a nice comment.


I did an Instagram post recently and so many of you agreed with me that not having the ability to put a clickable website link in your caption is one of the most frustrating things about Instagram 🙄 Encouraging your followers to send you a DM is a great workaround for this because you can send clickable website links in the DMs. This is particularly useful if you have less than 10K followers and you don't have the Swipe Up feature.


What better way to connect with your followers and potential customers than providing a personalised voice message in response to their query? I recommend writing out a reply and then speaking into your phone to record it. I recently sent a DM to an Instagram expert who responded with a voice message and I ended up purchasing her Instagram for Business course because I was so impressed with her level of customer service and I really trusted her expertise. This personalised approach really works!


All of your Instagram Feed posts should include a Call to Action, asking your followers to take an action after reading your post. Instead of using the 'Link in Bio' call to action at the end of your posts start adding 'DM me to find out more' and encourage people to send you a DM instead. You will then have a direct line of communication with a potential customer and you can help them with their specific query, rather than just directing them to the generic link in your bio.

Will you start using your DMs more?

Enjoying these emails? I teach all of my top tips in my Social Media Training Calls.

Hope you have a great week,



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