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Instagram Reels insights are coming!

There are so many Instagram updates happening at the moment it's hard to keep up. But I am really excited about this one...

Instagram is finally launching Reels insights! I have been talking to so many other creators and small business owners and not having insights for Reels has been a massive pain point for so many of us over the last few months.

When you are putting so much effort into creating Reels you want to be able to see what's working and really hone in on those results.

Instagram announced in a press release that they will be adding the following Reels analytics:


Accounts Reached





Below are examples of how this will look.

Image credit:

Image credit:

At the moment we can only see analytics for plays, likes and comments on Reels. More in-depth insights are particularly important for small business owners so that you can create more content that drives sales and enquiries. Are you excited about this update?

Need help with Instagram Reels? You can send me an email below if you have any questions. I'd be delighted to chat with you!


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