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How to check likes on Instagram posts📌

I hope you're having a great week. The weather in Dublin this week is really bad so I am locked down in this lockdown getting so much work done for my clients which is great. This week I'm sharing a handy hack for checking how many likes are on an Instagram post. Last year Instagram removed visibility on likes but there is a sneaky way to check it! But why would you need to check this? 🤔

Here are a few reasons why you may want to check likes on someone else's Instagram posts:  1. INFLUENCER RESEARCH As a business owner, working with influencers can be a tricky business. You'll want to make sure the influencers that you choose to work with can deliver strong results for your brand, especially if this is sponsored content (you are paying an influencer to promote your product or service). A great way to check their engagement rate before contacting them is to check how many likes and comments they are getting on each of their posts and work out their engagement rate. 2. COMPETITOR RESEARCH You'll want to keep an eye on what your main competitors are posting on Instagram and what is working for them. A great way to check what posts are working best for them is to check how many likes and comments they are receiving on each post. 

So here you go..

You can check Instagram likes by logging into Instagram on desktop. Go to a profile and you will be able to see likes on each post.

If you are viewing this email on a desktop you will be able to log in to Instagram using the below link. 


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Until next week,



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