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How Instagram's new Search feature works

While we were all enjoying the Christmas period you may have noticed that Instagram have updated the search bar in the 'Explore' tab on Instagram. If you didn't notice it check it now (you'll need to update the app if you haven't already done so)!

1. Go to your 'Explore' tab in the Instagram app

2. Tap the search bar at the top of the page

3. You will see rolling suggestions pop up in the search bar based on topics you would be interested in

Here's an example of how my Search bar looks..

It shows me a couple of suggestions including 'afternoon walks' and 'content ideas'. There are 3 ways in which the new Search feature has changed how Instagram works:

1. Search by keywords Now you can search by keywords. Previously you could only search within Instagram based on account handles, hashtags and places.

2. Use of alt tags Instagram recently introduced Alt Tags. Go to your most recent post, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select 'Edit'. You will then see the option to add Alt Text to your image. This new update is Instagram's way of becoming more SEO-friendly.

3. Untagged content is searchable The biggest update is that all content is now searchable, whether hashtags are used or not. Don't ditch your hashtags though! They will still help to show your post to more of your target audience. A combination of using Alt Tags in your images and using 30 hashtags on each post is the best strategy at the moment until we see what other SEO-focused updates Instagram is going to make in 2021!

Do you like this new update? Have you tried using alt tags? Feel free to pop me an email if you have any questions about this new Instagram feature.

Until next week, Karissa.


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