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5 tips for reducing your screen time and working more productively

I am currently on a mission to reduce my iPhone screen time 📵⏱ I will share some of the changes I have made and hopefully it can help you too!

OK, so I'm speaking from the point of view of someone who is in an office or working from home on a laptop all day but I think there are some handy tips here for everyone.


When I'm on Instagram on my phone I just CAN'T STOP SCROLLING!!

Solution = I can do everything I need to do on Instagram for desktop including replying to DMs and comments, watching stories (and voting in polls!) and posting to my feed 💻 I find it so much easier to stay focused this way and it keeps my screen time down. It is super easy to log in and navigate. Try it out now for yourself here. 👍


Now here's a game changer!

Using Whatsapp for desktop used to be a serious rigmarole but now they have made it so much easier; you can scan the QR code from your phone and be logged in on your laptop within seconds 🎉 This limits the back and forth between my laptop and phone and the constant distraction of notifications. Give it a go here. 👍


You can do this in the settings on your iPhone ⚙️ The stats will also tell you how many times you have picked your phone up each day and this number will scare you! 😂


I started getting up earlier, drinking coffee and just being all round more organised ☕️ This has really helped me to be more productive with my time therefore spending less time procrastinating and less time on my phone 👍


I realise that this is not for everyone but by replying to messages with either dictation (where you tell your phone what to type using Siri - (I covered this in an Instagram post recently) or by sending an actual voice message on Whatsapp or iMessage I have freed up a lot of time usually spent on my phone 👍 I hope you found these tips useful?

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Until next week,



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