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4 Instagram Insights you should be checking!

I hope you're having a great week after the bank holiday weekend. I took a break from my live Instagram videos this week, but I will be doing some more very soon with some really exciting guests lined up for the weeks ahead - stay tuned!

This week I'm bringing you the 4 Instagram insights you should be checking at the end of each month in order to grow your account and see what your audience is enjoying most 👀


Go to a post on your feed, click on ‘View Insights’, scroll down and this will tell you how many impressions your posts are getting from hashtags. By comparing each post you will be able to get a good idea of the hashtags that are performing well for you #️⃣


Take a look at your most popular stories for the last 14 days; check where your followers are dropping off and not watching your stories and adjust your content accordingly. Check what polls are getting the most votes. Check which stories had the most DM replies - and create more of this type of content ✨


Instagram will rank you higher in the algorithm if your content is getting a lot of saves 📥 Check what posts are getting the most saves and post more of these


Check which posts are getting the most views and create more posts with the same topic or similar imagery 👍

There is no point in creating content and hoping that your audience will respond! Use your Insights to gauge the type of content that your followers and target audience will engage with and enjoy 😍🥰

I challenge you to implement this strategy for your November content plans! Have a look at your insights for the past 30 days on the 31st of October and use your insights to create a killer content plan for November 💻

If you need any help with your strategy or have any questions just reply to this email or pop me a DM on Instagram! I really enjoy the coaching aspect of my job so I'd be delighted to help!


To gain access to all my social media tips and tricks gained over my 6 years of experience working in digital marketing for companies like Ticketmaster, 5-star Cliff House Hotel, 2 Michelin star Aimsir restaurant and multiple digital marketing agencies, sign up to my mailing list here.

Until next week,



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