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The importance of using CTAs in your captions!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This week I'm talking about CTA's. First things first..

what is a CTA?

CTA stands for 'Call to Action'. Some examples of calls to action are 'send me a DM', 'visit my website' or 'shop now at the link in our bio'. A call to action is when you ask your followers to take an action.

First of all, you should have a primary CTA. This is your main call to action. This should align with your main business objectives. For example, your goal may be to drive more traffic to your website from Instagram or to get more DMs so that you can chat with your potential customers 1:1.

Here is an example of a post I did recently with a primary CTA at the end of the caption 👇

Here you can see that my primary call to action is to encourage my followers to sign up to my mailing list at the link in my bio.

Have you thought about adding a secondary call to action? I've started adding this into some of my captions and I've noticed that people are more likely to do one of the 2 things I've asked.

Here is an example of one of my captions where I included 2 CTAs 👇

At the end of this caption, I have asked my followers to leave either a comment or sign up to my email list at the link in my bio. When I add a secondary call to action my followers are more likely to take one of the two actions.

Another strong advantage of having a secondary call to action is that if a user comes across an old post where they are unlikely to leave a comment because the moment has passed they still have another call to action to find out more about your business.

Let me know if you found this email useful by dropping me a DM on Instagram @karissadigital (see what I did there?!) But seriously I do enjoy chatting to you guys in my DMs about all things social media 🤓

Until next week,



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