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Professional Dashboard: Instagram's New Feature

Have you started using Instagram's Professional Dashboard yet?

Hope you are well. Today I'm bringing you some info on a new Instagram feature that was launched a few weeks ago. To find your Professional Dashboard go to your Instagram profile. You will see some text at the top of the screen; 'View Professional Dashboard'. Click this.

Once you are in the Professional Dashboard screen you will see analytics and a graph at the top of the screen showing you your account's performance.

If you scroll down you will see options to view your 'Promotions' (paid ads), 'Branded Content Approvals', 'Set up Instagram Shopping' and 'Set up Saved Replies'. You will also see an information panel at the bottom of the screen for tips and tricks from the Instagram team.

For setting up Instagram Shopping you will need to set up your catalogue in Commerce Manager on your desktop and then apply for Instagram Shopping once you have set that up. If you need any advice on setting up Instagram Shopping feel free to send me an email below.

Are you going to start using Professional Dashboard?

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